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Pathfinder BI & data analytic solutions from Séafra

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Cloud Development

Developing for the cloud requires understanding how to move specific computing payloads to a new delivering mechanism. Concerns around security, identify management and availability become more acute. In addition, this compute paradigm is evolving almost daily as the major players continue to improve their offerings. Our consultants will work with you all along the spectrum of cloud development from training your in-house team or delivering a turn-key solution. Regardless of the model you choose, we will provide the very latest in understanding of what works in the cloud and how to deliver effectively.



Cloud Security


The cloud brings enormous promise of expanded operational flexibility, increased productivity, and reduced IT costs to businesses. Cloud adoption is accelerating rapidly, and businesses are looking for compelling security solutions that protect data in the cloud and into the business applications made possible by the cloud, maximizing the benefits while reducing risks.

The Séafra Platform provides a complete data-centric solution for cloud storage implementations that directly addresses the security challenges of moving data to the cloud.


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Cloud Integration Services


Séafra Integration services securely tie things together.

Séafra has integration engineers who have delivered solutions for some of the world’s largest companies. That expertise has also been the backbone for several of our cloud solution offerings. From design through deployment our experts can step in and lead the effort or become part of your team. This is a highly specialized, rapidly evolving area where having the appropriate expertise can make the difference between a successful deployment or an unwanted news headline.


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Consulting Services


Today successful innovators begin with a cloud innovation strategy to identify the opportunities which impact more than just a product or operations but the business model itself. The economic realities of the cloud are so compelling they demand action. We can help you identify those business opportunities and prepare strategies to achieve those innovations and growth.



At Séafra, we get to know our customers, and we are dedicated to providing you personalized customer service. Your company’s needs are unique, and we want to make sure we are offering your agency the best support possible. We have a dedicated team of experts for setup, testing, monitoring, and change requests.
Take advantage of our individualized support.
All of your service requests will be stored and tracked in our online ticketing system and support database that is accessible to our entire support team. When you or your staff call us, we can instantly see your history of customer support, saving you time in explaining your situation and getting your issue resolved faster. Each request is assessed, added to our online tracking system and escalated when necessary.

Insurance Solutions

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