Séafra provides:

  • Point of Origin Data Protection –Séafra protects data at the source so it is protected wherever it resides, independent of the cloud provider. This includes copies of the file such as those created during normal processing, such as backups.
  • Adaptive, persistent data control access rules –Séafra enables the originator of the file to set the access rules for decrypting protected data. Unlike most solutions, these controls are persistent and adaptive to align with changing business circumstances.
  • Instant revocation –Séafra enables the originator (or an authorized administrator) to instantly revoke access to any protected data, including all copies, wherever they reside, without needing to access the storage location or device.
  • Detailed visibility –Séafra provides detailed insight into who is using encrypting data, when and how often, while recording audit information critical for regulatory compliance.
  • Independent –Séafra is independent of cloud storage provider. Protect data through one unified solution and save business costs and operational overhead of supporting multiple encryption solutions.
  • Own the keys –Séafra has the flexibility to store the keys on premise behind the firewall, regardless of where the data is stored. The organization always has control of the keys, and the storage provider can never see the data or provide a third party access.